New York, Destroyed 15 Different Ways

Dark Knight opens at midnight, and as the previews show, the city gets beat up pretty bad in the epic battle that ensues. New York is always getting destroyed over and over again in movies. Why? Because it looks awesome! Here are clips of the 15 best films featuring New York getting annihilated, curated by Nick McGlynn. (NYC Photoshop Hallucination By Richard Blakeley.)

1) A.I. - 2001

A.I Video Clip

2) Armageddon - 1998

Armageddon Video Clip

3) Category 7: The End of the World - 2005

Category 7: The End of the World Vidio Clip

4) Cloverfield - 2008

Cloverfield Video Clip

There are 11 more to be seen, at Gawker: CHECK IT OUT HERE


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