Sex and the City: The Movie Review, by Mick LaSalle of San Francisco Chronicle

Fans of "Sex and the City" will love the movie version.

Like the HBO series that gave birth to it, the movie is lots of fun, but it's no frivolous romp. The show's great ambition, always present, becomes even more pronounced in the movie - to document the emotional life and values of cosmopolitan women of a particular generation. It's as if its creators realized the series' significance over the course of its run, and that shift in the direction of importance - subtle, but definite - continues with this movie. Under the levity, there's a core seriousness about presenting these women's lives, one emphasized by the willingness of "Sex and the City" to grow and mature along with its characters.

Those who know these characters will, of course, pick up on nuances and associations that novices will miss. Yet even viewers coming in cold will appreciate "Sex and the City" as the best American movie about women so far this year, and probably the best that will be made this year. Indeed, at the rate Hollywood has been going, it may stand as the best women's movie until "Sex and the City II," if that ever comes along.

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Sex and the City: the movie -'Sex' improves with age


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