Lewis Black's Root of All Evil Review, by Linda Stasi of New York Post

Finally one man is willing to give us some answers by taking on these sacred cows and exposing them for what they might, in fact, be: The roots of all evil.

That's the mission of insanely funny guy Lewis Black and his new show, "Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil," debuting on Comedy Central tonight.

It's the funniest show I've seen all year. Actually, it's the funniest show I've seen in two years.

Black is the judge and jury for a rotating group of comics - two each show - who make the cases for which entity is the more vile.

On the premiere episode, it's "Oprah vs. the Catholic Church" with Paul F. Tompkins arguing that Oprah is the most evil and Greg Giraldo insisting that it's the Catholic Church.

Each show begins with a crazed monologue by Black, wherein he gets to introduce the comics and the topics with statements such as, "Catholic women are like Jewish women, but more athletic. And they smoke!"

Then the comics have to give their "opening statements" as they pace around like lawyers in court with Black as the gavel-pounding judge.

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