Lost: Season Four Review, by Robert Bianco of USA Today

Returning with a heart-stopping, perfectly pitched episode that fulfills all the promise of last season's stunner of a finale, Lost is an oasis in a strike-parched TV desert.

This is Lost on a fan-friendly fast-forward, offering a tense, emotional outing in which secrets are revealed, questions are answered -- and yes, inevitably, new questions are raised.

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We're back on the island, but it's an island (and a show) that is substantially changed. The castaways are in contact with their maybe rescuers, but we know everything won't go as planned, thanks to the series-shifting finale that sent us forward to a time when Jack and Kate are off the island and contemplating a return.

The ramifications of this ingenious stroke are immediately apparent in tonight's shocking opening scene. By altering its timelines, Lost has added another layer of storytelling to its arsenal, allowing the future to join the past and present while removing our certainty that off-island scenes always would go backward, not forward.

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'Lost' rescues a TV season that's adrift


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