In Plain Sight, by David Hinckley of New York Daily News

Played by Mary McCormack, who may be best known as a counselor to the President on "The West Wing," Shannon is a U.S. marshal who helps relocate people into the federal witness protection program.

This means dealing with both mob rats and bookkeepers who inadvertently got trapped in their bosses' shady dealings.

This creates a great palette for a writer, and it's only the start of the fun. Mary has a great sidekick in Marshall Mann (Fred Weller), who is perpetually amused by her exasperation and has a silver tongue of his own. When Mary's boss tries to impress her by buying her a pair of spike-heeled shoes, Mann looks at them and just says, "So sad."

Mary also has a screwy family that can turn dark when necessary.

Her sister Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) is mostly a bubblehead who has the habit of harmlessly stealing friends' cars. She's also secretly packing enough cocaine to fuel the modeling industry for a month.

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Marshal a 'Sight' for bored eyes


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