Ping Pong Playa Review, by Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter

Motor-mouth Christopher "C-dub" Wang (Jimmy Tsai) is a trash-talking, suburban 20-something basketball fanatic who imagines himself NBA-quality material -- if he were only six inches taller. C-dub lives at home with his parents -- who run a pingpong shop with a sideline in coaching local kids -- and constantly dodging comparisons with his physician brother Michael (Roger Fan).

C-dub's sports-glory fantasies crash to earth when his family drafts him to take over the kids' table tennis league after a car accident injures his mom and Michael. Teaching rowdy kids may be a comedown for a playa, but it forces C-dub to defend family honor in the annual Golden Cock pingpong tournament.

Tsai, who co-wrote the script with Yu, pulls out all the stops with his C-dub role, brimming with witty send-ups of Chinese-American cultural values and Asian stereotypes. The supporting cast aptly abets his small-minded megalomania, particularly the coterie of younger actors surrounding C-dub.

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