Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Review, by Barry Garron of The Hollywood Reporter

The series, like the movie, is an action-packed, explosion-filled sci-fi variation of "The Fugitive," though the circumstances are sketchier. While it helps a bit to have seen the movie -- fashioned from equal parts of celluloid and testosterone -- you can catch up with the premise in a few minutes.

Teenage John Connor (Thomas Dekker) is destined to be the savior of mankind, only without all those religious overtones. In the not-too-distant future, some degenerate scientist will come out with a line of cyborgs that essentially are anthropomorphic killing machines. They will both kill and enslave mankind.

John will lead a band of rebels against them, but first he has to live that long. The evil genius behind the cyborgs is aware of the threat posed by John and wants to nip it in the blood. So one of those nearly indestructible cyborgs is sent back in time to stunt John's growth.

Fortunately for John, he is protected by his mom, Sarah (Lena Headey), who spent three years in a mental institution just because she tried to warn people. She also has been falsely charged with killing a brilliant computer scientist. Sarah is a beautiful blend of secret agent and supermom. One morning, for example, she tells John they have to leave quickly. "Half an hour. One bag. Plus a gun. I'll make pancakes."

As if the cyborg wasn't enough, Sarah also is being pursued by FBI agent James Ellison (Richard T. Jones), who considers her an escaped fugitive. Ellison could potentially screw up the future of mankind, but, as played by Jones, he's really a decent, likable guy.

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