The Sarah Jane Adventures Review, by Robert Lloyd of Los Angeles Times

The new series semipermanently returns to the Whoniverse journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, who first played the character more than 30 years ago, traveling with Doctors number 3 and 4, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, respectively). Like some other of the Doctor's "companions," Sarah Jane has been spoiled for other men by his Time Lordliness and for regular life by adventures in space and time. But since meeting him again (this time with the face of David Tennant, in the episode "School Reunion"), she has re-engaged the wider cosmos, providing extraterrestrials a more genteel Earthly greeting than is typically proffered over at "Torchwood," for not all aliens are created evil: "Some got lost. Some of them crash land. And some of them want to invade."

Those are the ones that will be at issue here. In keeping with the youth-skew, the monsters are threatening but sort of comical, almost in a Sid & Marty Krofft mode; you can imagine them as plush toys. Of course, they are forced to masquerade as humans most of the time, much to their own annoyance. (The ill-fitting people suits tonight's aliens wear -- they're disguised as a school principal and a science teacher -- make them sound flatulent.) And yet their true forms are usually so cumbersome and slow moving and lacking in practical things like opposable thumbs you have to wonder how they managed to become technologically superior in the first place.

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