Cashmere Mafia Review, by Linda Stasi of New York Post

As the story unfolds, we learn in a natural way - not through bad expository dialogue - that two of the women (Zoe and Juliet) are married with kids, while Mia is engaged to a guy with the same job as she has at the same publishing house. Caitlin, happy in her work, has never, however, been able to get her relationship mojo up in working order. Zoe is married to work-at-home architect Eric (Julian Ovenden), and although their lives are a hectic mess of career and kids, it works. Zoe's problems center on trying to find a nanny who isn't insane or entitled, keeping the stay-at-home moms at bay, and working to be a good, guilt-free mom.

Juliet has a sulking teen daughter and a striking hedge fund husband named Davis (Peter Hermann), who may not be all that he seems. And Juliet might not be as upfront with her girlfriends about him as they thought.

They all met at an Ivy League grad school and have been tight ever since. They get together for drinks, coffee, dinner or whenever there's a personal SOS.

They dress like a million bucks, but not in out-there costumes like "Sex and the City." For viewers who aren't women in NYC who've struggled with all of the above, the show might seem fake, but for those of us who have, it strikes a realistic chord. And yes, there are a huge number of women who make enough money now in this city to carry $10,000 bags and wear suits worth more than most people make in a month.

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