The Bone That Blew


In the dead of night, TWO POACHERS trek through a government protected wooded preserve in search of the rare and valuble Black Walnut Tree. The first poacher tries to calm his scared colleague as they explore the creepy forest. They point their flashlights upward to determine if they've found the right tree. A dozen small bones hang in the branches. Part of a skull stares down at them. All they can do is scream.

At the lab, CAM informs BRENNAN that she has hired Brennan's father, MAX KEENAN, to work with children at the Jeffersonian. Brennan is very upset. She wants Cam to fire him. Cam thought Brennan would be happy to hear the news. Brennan stalks off to find her father.

In the Ookey Room, Max works with a group of school children known as "The Science Squad." After their experiment, Max introduces Brennan to the children. He asks her to speak about refraction. Brennan's scientific rant confuses the kids until Max intervenes and coerces her to talk about rainbows, a kid friendly example of refraction. The Science Squad has questions for Brennan but she hurries away to examine a dead person's skull.

At the scene, Brennan tells BOOTH that the wind blew the bones into the tree. She also discovers charring. As they work, park ranger OFFICER RANDALL becomes annoyed. The FBI is disturbing the migration path of the Masked Booby. WENDELL approaches with a hyoid bone. It suggests that the victim is male. It also suggests that the victim was murdered because the bone is fractured. Booth gives the bad news to Officer Randall. "According to my scientists, your boobies are out of luck."


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