Autism: The Musical Review, by Janice Page of The Boston Globe

Bostonians were talking about autism long before it was trendy. Thanks to high-profile local organizations such as the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, this disorder has been a "cause celeb" around here for many years.

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Now it's seemingly everywhere, diagnosed in about one in 150 children, and Jenny McCarthy just wrote a book about it.

Time for "Autism: The Musical."

Don't be afraid. As flip and gaudy as that title might sound, this spare little movie is actually one of the most candid, down-to-earth, organically inspirational documentaries you'll ever see.

Directed by Tricia Regan ("Soldiers Pay"), the film follows the lives of five autistic children in Los Angeles, where an extraordinary woman named Elaine Hall is determined to feature them in an original stage production. Hall calls her mission the Miracle Project, and she brings to it skills honed professionally as an acting coach, writer, performer, and educator, and, personally, as the mother of an autistic boy.

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Look at autism sings by playing it straight


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