Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure Review, by Erin Meister of The Boston Globe

There are two environments best observed in 3-D: water and sky. "Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure" manages to breathtakingly combine both. Whether flying on the batlike wings of a pterodactyl or nearly getting slimed by a giant jellyfish, this National Geographic IMAX film brings about in stunning detail and awe-inspiring visual depth the marriage of Earth's two most abundant elements.

Through a combination of sweeping live-action landscape shots, actor dramatizations, and brilliantly crafted computer-generated images, "Sea Monsters" tells the true story (more or less) of a family of dolichorhynchops, dolphin-size air-breathing undersea dinos who leave the safety of the shallow waters in pursuit of food - and, of course, a little drama. Predators both fantastic (the nearly-20-foot-long ancient fish xiphactinus) and familiar (early sharks that resemble present-day great whites) threaten not only the dollies, but also audience members who are averse to things like realistic snapping jaws seemingly lunging right for them.

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Prehistoric creatures come alive in 3-D


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