What Happens in Vegas, by Stephen Hunter of Washington Post

Not that "What Happens in Vegas" is any kind of great movie, but it's an exceedingly bright comedy that never makes you feel stupid for enjoying its brisk pacing, smart lines, sound construction and superb comic acting, not only from Ashton Kutcher but from Cameron Diaz and well-chosen No. 2 bananas Rob Corddry and Lake Bell.

The gimmick is at least as old as "The 39 Steps": The plot invents circumstances by which two attractive people, who hold deep aversions to each other, are linked (by handcuffs either actual or, as in this case, metaphorical) and must contend with all kinds of dilemmas. You know what happens next because you understand how perfect they are for each other.

Kutcher and Diaz, each having suffered a crushing disaster (she, dumped; he, fired), have gone to Vegas for some healing. They meet one drunken evening, and they have Olympic-quality sex. Alas, they also get married. Okay, time for quickie divorce, no harm, no foul; except she gives him a quarter, he feeds it into a slot machine and they win $3 million. Who gets it?

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What Happens in Vegas


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