Rouge Review, by Richard Kuipers of Variety

A killer croc and a sturdy cast headed by Radha Mitchell and Michael Vartan do what's required in "Rogue," a competent horror yarn filmed in eye-catching Aussie outback locations. More restrained than his no-holds-barred psychothriller hit "Wolf Creek," helmer Greg McLean's sophomore outing wants only to be a good B-grader and succeeds with regular scares and a monster worth the ticket price. Bankrolled by the Weinstein Co. via its Dimension shingle, pic's on-again, off-again U.S. release has been put on hold pending a Down Under road test. Creature feature splashed wide into Australian waters Nov. 8 with solid biz.

Arriving in a Northern Territory backwater famous for its concentration of crocs, American travel writer Pete McKell (Vartan) is given the requisite frosty reception by locals before joining a river cruise run by chirpy guide Kate Ryan (Mitchell).

Used to more luxurious surroundings, the Yank doesn't do much talking at first. Early screen time cuts between breathtaking travelogue and snappily sketched intros of passengers, including annoying shutterbug Simon (Stephen Curry), grieving widower Russell ("Wolf Creek's "John Jarratt), well-bred Brit Allen (Geoff Morrell), his sick wife, Elizabeth (Heather Mitchell) and their spirited young daughter, Sherry (Mia Wasikowska).

Reptilian star is kept on hold while Kate's loutish ex-b.f., Neil (Sam Worthington), buzzes her pleasure craft with his speedboat and is seen off by Pete. Conflict between the uncouth river rat and the cultured American comes to a much more serious head minutes later when the unseen croc rams both vessels, leaving everyone stranded on a tiny river island that's soon to disappear under a rising tide.

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