The Up and Down Thoughts

Release Date: July 11

The Gist: Hellboy, the demon raised by humans who works for a secret government organization to combat the supernatural, is back for more. This time, the Earth is threatened by the old gods and supernatural creatures of the old world, the world we have long forgotten. But in order to take back the world they once controlled, they'll have to get through Hellboy and his friends.

Why it might be great: Guillermo del Toro is once again writing and directing the film. After the success of Pan's Labyrinth, del Toro seems at the top of his game, and will likely bring the same look and feel the original film had to the sequel. Everyone is back, including John Hurt despite his character being killed in the first film, keeping the superb cast intact. Perlman is perfectly cast, and we're likely to be treated once again to the costume design and makeup work that made the original look so incredible. It's amazing what good costumes can do to set a film apart in the age of CGI, and Doug Jones has proven he knows how to bring the bizarre character of Abe Sapien to life with striking realism.

Why it might be terrible: Not much is going against this film. Even changing production companies due to Sony's lack of faith in the series hasn't significantly hindered production. The only real risk the film might be taking is the same one all sequels take, that it may try to do too much (with a whole army of creatures this time) and the plot may become convoluted. However, with del Toro at the helm, this seems unlikely.

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