24 Movie and Season 7 Preview: "We Needed to Reset Jack Bauer"

Speaking with TVGuide.com at the NYC premiere of 24: Redemption, the TV movie airing this Sunday at 8 pm/ET, executive producer Howard Gordon explained how he had to sell Fox on the idea of this two-hour, real-time tale.

"I told the network, 'I have an idea, and it's going to take a little patience,'" he said of the plot in which Jack, while quietly helping out an orphanage in Africa, has to ward off a military coup (led by Candyman Tony Todd).

Allying with an old friend (Trainspotting's Robert Carlyle), Jack ultimately goes guns a-blazing, yes, but only after a refreshingly normal-paced build-up to the action. "It's really much more like a Western than it is a thriller," says Gordon, "and it was about relocating Jack emotionally, so we took our time. Last [season] was very existential, [ending with Jack] staring off the edge of a cliff - 'Who is he, what is he thinking?' This year we needed to reset him."

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