This movie could have been a lot better

Way too long and tons of holes in this move. Several characters were introduced who were poorly developed. In part because of the length of the movie, they took up valuable screen time, yet their interactions were incidental to the plot. THERE WAS NO PLOT! Protagonist neither changes, nor learns something, nor succeeds or conquers. Daniel D. Lewis turned in an ok performance. Lots of yelling for no reason, lots of repeating himself. Accent was horrible. Complete failure compared to some of his earlier roles.

All other characters were irrelevant in terms of character importance and performance. If you introduce a character and give them significant screen time, make sure they do something important. If they are there to make a small point, give them a small shot and make the impact emphatic, then get them out of the scene. These concepts were lost on movie directions. Several characters were introduced with background and either disappeared or did nothing or their role was irrelevant to the plot.

By the end, the movie resorted to diatribes by D.D Lewis - basically trying to tell the viewer all the emotions the movie could not express on the big screen the previous 2.5 hours. Only redeeming quality were the nice mining shots.


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