This ended way too early --Bring it back!

This show is probably one of the wittiest sitcoms I've ever watched. The characters blend together with harmony and chemistry in a way that gets you hooked. I laugh my guts off even on reruns. These guys crack me up all the time!

Whenever I'm feeling down, I simply pop in a W&G DVD!

My favorite character has to be Karen Walker, I just love her highly-pitched voice, along with the fact that she's high and drugged most of the time!

This show should have lasted a few more seasons. Season 8 was hilarious. Bathroom humor and Von-Trapped were two of the best episodes! The finale was a little disappointing though.

Not even a day goes by without me watching an episode or two!


Default avatar cat
Jan 6, 2009 5:20PM EST
to vova2010,the best thing about your comment is that while it is ridiculously close-minded and disrespectful, you couldn't even spell your insult correctly. if you are going to be a dick, at least have the decency to use spell check. also, do you get satisfaction from being rude to people you don't know?
Default avatar cat
Oct 10, 2008 4:45AM EDT
to vova2010,just because we love Will and Grace doesn't make us fags!Gosh, I wonder why people like you tend to use their little brains this way. It's not good for your health :)
Oct 9, 2008 10:08PM EDT
you fucking fagit
RachelL Editor
Aug 25, 2008 9:16PM EDT
I loved Will & Grace too, but I actually am happy it ended when it did. It didn't have a bad last season, but I definitely felt some decline in quality (and they started to rely way too much on the stunt-casting of guest stars).I much prefer for a comedy to go out on top and I think W&G can be proud of its 8 season run!And like you said, you can always enjoy some high-quality reruns!
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