I'm really into it!

It's becoming one of my hobbies to post my reviews for TV shows on sideReel!

I don't know about you people, but for me this show has great potential; I can't believe so many have crossed it out of their list after two episodes only, some of them grew somewhat SURE that it's getting canceled!

After I tuned in for the next episode, I was worried it could get boring along the way, but it didn't!!

After a fairly good premiere, comes this greatly written episode!

FUNNY, ORIGINAL, and well-written! I believe the writers did a great job creating a vision for the audience about each character! Almost no show has ever been that stable on it's first two-episode run!

In two episodes, we were able to spot some of each character's weaknesses; we know that Sarah is somewhat a burden, Conner is the rushy-womanizing kind of guy, and Mason is the supposedly smart and happily married man, who gets panicky trying to get it all right, specially after getting promoted to CD!

"Thumbthing" is telling me this show will be big! I love how all of this is taking place in an advertising agency

I definitely will be tuning in every week!


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