"Being in this family is complicated, really, really complicated"...

This last episode definitely reminded me of that.

When I think of the things I have seen over the years that end happily (natural born killers: mickey and malorie with kids in the trailer traveling around the country in the credits) when the subject matter is that of things completely condemed by society, I think of how unrealistic those happy endings are...

Big Love however is NOT an unrealsitic show. It's given the public a in depth glimpse of the taboo world of polygamy that society does indeed condem (though now that it's become part of pop-culture do to this show who know how that will change peoples reaction to it).

The compounds, the members of Latter Day Saints (LDS) keeping it from their church while practicing it in a very similar way are all very REAL. The creators and writers have definitely done their homework and done it well.

My point is similar to that in my last posting. Happily ever after endings with subject matter that is illegal can only go so far. Personally I could care less if one is homosexual, has numerous wives or simply wants to remain celebate. It's not for me to judge.

This "review" is scattered because the show is so complicated. Maybe that's why we like it. There are many shows where one could right a straight-forward review and it would work. But to do that with Big Love would be to simplify this intricate web of a show, and that's not okay. Because the show is not simple it's nearly immpossible to right a simple review.

This last episode "Blood Atonement" has my brain being pulled in many directions by the various story lines again.

It would be nice to see the Hendricksons all live happily every after. But that would not be realistic therfore would be a slap in the face of the viewers.

Will Margene stay in the end? Will they get that house where they can come out as being polygamist? Will Anna simply complicate things further? Guess we'll see.

I apologize for even trying to put my feelings of what I saw this last week into words. Because as a reader I don't think you will walk away with much from this posting. So remember, no matter what ANYONE says its up to YOU to read into the show how you see fit. No ones word is gospel. And whoever thinks that their word is gospel is no better than Roman Grant.


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