Dexter's "Dark Passenger" simply addiction?

I try not to be too blatant about what happens in last seasons finale, but I would skip this posting if you haven't seen it. Though I will say that if you are an addict, come back and see what you think when it's finished...

I haven't had an ending to a show (Maybe "Six Feet Under) make me cry and to this day hope that next season it will all be one big "dream-sequence".

Dexter was so close to finally giving into his "humanity", of course that poses the question: would he be able to even if Ritta did help (could help) "save him" for a period of time?

In earlier seasons and episodes we ride with Dexter and his "Dark passenger" through AA/NA meetings, calling it an addiction. We have Ritta's first husband who was an addict NEARLY kill her were she to have stayed with him.

As an addict myself with a beautiful girlfriend who has given me chance after chance I sat there beating the bed as I watched in horror wondering if it was "addiction" that was responsible for what I was seeing. I have watched the person I love more than anyone (actually reminds me of Ritta, seriously) go from vibrant and glowing in the beginning (still had the nightmare ex) to becoming torn down by a very similar nightmare myself. I have watched and still do my addictions nearly kill her, not directly by me, it's not intentional or personal, but if you are an addict, you know what it's like to wrestle with this beast and finally overcome it (so you think), just to feel strong enough to do it again (relapse), so the cycle continues.

Dexter as a show is much more complicated than addiction (Thank God!), but the metaphors and parallels are uncanny.

May something out there, whatever it is help all us addicts, before we put ourselves or someone we love, just as beautiful and innocent, in a coffin ourselves...


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