Open letter

Hey, guys. Thanks for watching and supporting GND! We work really, really hard on this show and it's great to know that so many of you enjoyed it.

Here are a few things you might want to remember:

1. We started Season Five knowing it would be Kendra's last; but Holly -- and then Bridget -- moving out came as a complete surprise. We were almost finished shooting the Season and Season Six was already sold. All three of the original Girls had agreed to be in Season Six and we had a contract with E! Holly moving out created a very big, big challenge.

2. I asked Hef if he wanted to quit with the Season Five finale and just wrap it up. He thought that would be a huge mistake and would send the wrong message. He wanted fans to be assured that HBK might move on, but that he will always love them and they will share a bond. Each might go on to individual success, but the girls are always welcome, etc.

3. The twins and Crystal were not hired to be in GND. They became Hef's girlfriends. Period. Our job was to make the best show we could.

Keep your fingers crossed.





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