Dancing is the winner in this entertaining movie where Ballet becomes the new Streetdance

Although the 3D elements did not add much of a dimension to the proceedings.... I found Streetdance... Energetic, Pulsating and a terrificly choreographed piece of cinematic entertainment - which will appeal to the "more mature audience" as well as its teen target market.

The storyline revolves around Carly (Nichola Burley) and her Streetdance crew, who have to contend with the loss of their Dance leader and also discover they have nowhere to rehearse. With time running out, Carly must win the respect of her dancing troupe and find a suitable place to train for the final of the UK Street Dance Competition. While delivering sandwiches to a local Ballet school, salvation and a glimmer of hope comes to Carly in the guise of the Ballet schoolmistress, Helena (played by Charlotte Rampling). She offers Carly the use of the school's facilities provided Carly agrees to instill some of the Streetdance intensity and passion into her lacklustre and classicly trained Ballet students. The result is a glorious clash of cultures, egos and temperaments.

The dance routines from Diversity & Flawless etc were perfectly executed and a joy to watch. And while it is not in the class of "Dirty Dancing", Streetdance's energetic footwork and the "ballet" cross-over storyline makes it standout from many of its contemporaries.

Yes, there are relationship issues (Love and Distrust) between the dancers, but it's the StreetDancing - which covers every style of dancing - that wins out in the end.

A cross-over section of the"young and not so young" preview audience were already asking when is Streetdance 2 being released. (need I say more?)


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