Yes! Some Summer excitement

I for one think this is a sexy show. It will bring about some welcome change from all the summer reality shows. I grew up in the 70s and I enjoy seeing the clothes and hearing the music. Wonder if my parents did any of this stuff?



Jun 9, 2008 2:39PM EDT

I did like the pilot, though I felt they were trying to really emphasize the cheesy part of the 70s... I think the plot is pretty good though if they follow it through well. Do you think it'll change pace from the pilot or stay on about the same path?

Jun 12, 2008 11:13PM EDT

Hopefully it will stay on the same path. I guess they have to keep it fresh tho. I think they have good writers and it will be great.

Jun 12, 2008 11:16PM EDT

Just saw episode 2. I like the storyline with the uptight housewife. Bet she lets loose some week soon and turns into a wild cat!

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