Chuck vs. the Honeymooners Review

Epic. Brilliant. Genius. Best Ever.

Take your pick as these are all words and phrases I'm using to describe "Chuck versus the Honeymooners." I'm going to be honest. I was worried that I had arrived at a point where Chuck and Sarah didn't mean as much to me anymore. Sure I was happy when my favorite couple finally got together in the "Other Guy," but it wasn't that same feeling engendered by the now legendary scene in "Colonel." It is safe to say my fears have been put to rest because I could not keep a silly grin off my face. The mix of comedy, action and romance (and boy was there romance!) was perfectly done. I suspect I'm not the only one who has a new favorite episode.

What made this episode such a winning combination?

First up, Casey and Morgan or Corgan, as I'm now calling them (though I'm open to suggestions). As Beckman stated, an unlikely pair often produces successful results. These two characters paired is comedic gold; I'm looking forward to seeing more of them together.

Additionally, both Casey and Morgan individually had great moments. Casey talking with his old partner about her future and choices nicely showed how far that relationship has progressed. Casey and Sarah will never be best friends but they understand each other in a 'spy' way that others can't. However, as much as I loved Casey, Morgan stole the show for me, once again. Morgan now has replaced Chuck as the bumbling idiot who irks Casey and manages to save the day using brains over brawns. Josh Gomez was phenomenal and funny . Morgan has easily developed into one of my favorite characters in Season 3.

The lighthearted fun and humor of this episode made it refreshing to watch. The previous episodes of Season 3 have been darker and more serious, which isn't bad at all. Still, it was great to watch our beloved characters in fun situations more like Season 2. More pleasing than anything, this episode made me laugh. The dialogue was clever throughout. There was no single stand out, comedic scene like the "Cat was a Bear" but everything flowed and the subtle, perfectly delivered lines had me rolling.

Here are some of my favorites:

- "Can't let myself go now that I've got the girl."

- "If I'm sleeping, I'm not rooting."

- "I made an oopsie..."

- "Not such a passive people after all."

- And finally a tie between Casey and Devon for the best line: "He's going to need a walker when Walker's through with him..." and "Babe, this didn't happen by accident."

One of my biggest complaints for Season 3 has been the lack of big action sequences hence why I enjoyed the "Tic Tac" so much. The show, kicked the action into gear in this episode with a brilliantly choreographed fight scene that should garner the show its third straight stunt Emmy. The handcuff fight scenes were full of amazing moves and mixed sexy and fun to create the scene I've been waiting for. It didn't top the fight scene in "First Kill" for me (the music was just too badass in that episode) but it got the job done and definitely a fist pump from me. Also kudos to the actors who are able to pull it off!

In addition to the comedy gold and the brilliant action, we got the romance many of us have been waiting for. The show did a fantastic job of not having romantic overkill but not shying away from anything either. I don't pretend to think every episode will have as much kissing (can anyone seriously count how many times they kissed?), cuddling or handholding but the episode showed me that the show can pull off having their leads together and do a damn good job of it too.

Other than the romance (aka the squee-worthy moments and man there were plenty!), Chuck and Sarah finally together allows for those characters to let loose and have fun. This is especially true with Sarah; we've never seen her smile this much. In the past we've gotten glimpses of who Sarah really is but never have we seen her with her guard so let down or having such a good time. It was refreshing to see (and I happen to really like when Yvonne does comedy). Another reason I loved this episode so much, Sarah got the payoff she deserves. All the back story about Sarah's journey and struggle made those happy scenes between her and Chuck that much sweeter. Simply put, I'm happy that they're happy.

Finally, although we've seen Chuck and Sarah as a spy team it has never been in this open, sexual tension-free way before. They make a great team! I'm a big fan of the spy stuff mixed with cute little romantic happenings like falling on the bed handcuffed. Walkertowski is so on!

Some final thoughts:

- I love Jeffster despite the creepiness of Jeff wearing a sleeveless shirt (guys should only do that if they look like Captain Awesome) and his weird John Lennon glasses. Whereas Jeff usually is the one in the duo who steals the scene , Lester was funnier this week. Lester talking Jewish traditions was hysterical and I liked his "Leaving on a Jet Plane" better than the one on Glee. I admit my bias though as my love for Lester knows no bounds.

- Yvonne's real life boyfriend made a cameo in this episode as the Polish rocker and I have to say it was a cute little interaction.

- As much as many of us would like to see Chuck and Sarah in the bedroom, I thought the food carts coming and going was a very smart way to show that time instead. Good job creative team!

- I know this is getting picky but Chuck said he'd never lived anywhere outside of California but wasn't he born in Hartford, Connecticut? I'm chalking this one up to minor error.

- It was nice to see Sarah wearing the bracelet again. (If you missed it, she was wearing it during Chuck and Ellie's goodbye scene.)

- The episode's story was by Walkertowski favorite Ali Adler and teleplay written by two people who are easily becoming a favorite of mine, Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc. The combo of this team didn'tt just hit a home run but a grand slam!

- Best Scene: Hands down the ending! I think it is actually the best ending the show has ever had and it was just the sweetest scene ever. Perfect scene, perfect song, simply just perfect. I've been waiting for a scene like that to come along but honestly that scene exceeded expectations. I also loved the whole music tie-in as Chuck really is a show with a strong musical base. Zac and Yvonne's chemistry was off the charts and they delivered in all respects. I could go on and on but instead I'll just cue up that scene for the umpteenth time.

So the stage has been set for these final episodes and if each one is as good as the "Honeymooners" then we're in for a treat.

So, how did you like it? Was it epic for you, did you squee your little heart out?



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