Interesting episode

I"ll have to say that Ebony is one patient girl. I don't see how she can put up with her boyfriend's childish behavor. Josh is very immature, and doesn't show much respect and appreciate for either family and his gf. He seems he's taking more sacrafice than her. Ebony's mother may be understanding and supportive, yet the opposite is josh's mom who is overbearing and controlling

The show so far seems to show more effort from the teenage girl to be a parent than the guy in terms of being involved with the baby and helping around the place. It's really too bad that Ebony had to put off graduation because Josh couldn't make it in time for her to go to school.

I also found it disturbing that when they were in class, some guy says how in no disrespect a girl should close her legs to prevent pregnancy, hello, it takes two to tangle, how is it just the fault of the girl to get pregnant. And it was too bad that Josh didn't step up and say that it' s both faults rather than just one.


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