Great Movie! With a SicK twist!!!

This is a great movie! I just downloaded it and my god!

There is a realy good twist in the and of the story its not a anti-adoption movie. If you watch the traily realy good you will see there is something wrong about Esther!

The nice thing about this movie is, its just something new... not an other date movie, ore a CHAS-COW movie... with no storie line just like the HangOver?

No this movie has a storie, and thats is nice and if you like movies with a siCK twist? This is the movie for u...

I would recomemded for people who wants something difranT.


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Apr 7, 2016 12:13PM EDT

dude, im not asking for a spoiler, but after seeing the extended commercial, theres something i want to confirm: does ester have a oedipal complex (kill mom, sleep with dad)?(im kinda just testing my observational skills here, there is only one scene in the commercial that lead me to tat conclusion, i wanna know if im right, which would mean that they are giving WAY to much info out on these commercials now adays)

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