South Park Episodes be Banned?

Hey Guys, I was just wondering, Do YOU think South Park Episodes will ever be banned?

Future Episodes and even Aired ones, I mean I know theyve been aired, But banned from re-airing.


Default avatar cat
Jul 20, 2009 6:29AM EDT

Maybe the one with the prophet mohammed in it (Super Best Friends) if the networks are scared

But i think its part of what makes South Park great is that that everything and everyone are ok to poke fun at. Watch the Cartoon Wars episodes and they explain this better than i ever could, "either everything is ok to poke fun at or none of it is, do the right thing.."

Default avatar cat
Jul 20, 2009 1:37PM EDT

I always thought America wouldn't negociate with terrorists. Not airing a show because someone threatens to do something, is exactly that. Therefor, if SP-Eps ever get banned, something has been running terribly wrong...
As long as someone is upset about southpark, they are living proof that southpark is needed.
so my vote: i don't think/hope so.

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