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is it supposed to be just cut off like that?

i watched it online and now im really confused


| 19:16 EDT, 20 May, 2009
I agree that ending was very odd and disapointing. Not even a to be continued or anything.
| 10:08 EDT, 10 May, 2009
i've checked other websites they all end after 20 minutes so it must end like that. I thought the ending was weird to???
| 00:48 EDT, 10 May, 2009
It depends which link you watched it on, and if they uploaded the entire episode. Always check the length before you start watching, to make sure it's close to the normal timing of an episode, approximately 42 minutes for an hour long show. Sometimes uploads are cut short, and it's very annoying. I'd suggest finding the same episode on another site to make sure you didn't miss anything.

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