Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

This is a very heart warming film. It teaches that what matters is the character and personality of one's self instead of the apperance and rank. The curse started a long time ago when one of the blue blood wanted to marry a cleaner. But because of the ranking, he married someone worthy of his highness. The cleaner fell of the cliff and her mom, a witch in the town, cast a curse on the first daughter in the family. But for ages there were only sons until Penelope. "Only one of its kind can break the curse." Penelope's mom didn't see that. She did whatever to protect her from the outside world and wanted her to get married to break the curse. Her mom brought in many men to take her hand but once they saw her, they ran away. Edward one who got her to the newspaper. And they planned to get a picture of this "monster". He hired Max/Johnny, who is a gambling addict, to take a picture of her. Max made Penelope realise that she had to get out of her room. And that was what she did. She went out declaring her independance. Max on the other hand, had this bond with Penelope that made him avoid gambling. Edward proposed to her in order to break the curse but on the wedding day, Penelope didn't see it was right and realised she likes the way she is and the curse has been broken. The "monster" disappeared and Penelope could continue with a normal life. She went for her dreams. Penelope found Johnny at a Heloween party. They realise they were ment for each other. They lived happily ever after.


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