Flashbacks getting a bit more interesting

Finally just watched the latest episode. I enjoyed this episode, particularly with the flashbacks and what was really going on behind Crusoe's back with some of the people he thought he could trust.

It seems his and Friday's friendship is indomitable, he could have easily gotten back home by allowing his friend to be held and sold. Yet, when left with the choice he made it as though there was no choice at all and sided with his friend.

Even more interesting maybe is the growing connection between he and Olivia. I believe he loves his wife too much to ever let anything happen between the two of them but then again, the last statement Olivia made as the ship sailed away was rather intriguing with the implication that she either knew something about his wife or had other intentions.

As far as the critics and those that say the show is kinda cheesy here and there, well, I have to agree a little with them. However, there are far too few decent adventure type shows on television and for those of us that enjoy such shows Crusoe is still a refreshing break from the norm of what is put out on television today.


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