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Just finished watching Bad Blood and I still am wondering why this show seems to be taking such a beating sometimes when it comes to the critics. Although, this episode wasn't necessarily the best I think that Crusoe still brings a good pre-industrialized civilization adventure series to TV that is sorely missing.

In Bad Blood, I was happy to see more involvement with Olivia. If the show was nothing but Crusoe & Friday it would get quite boring quite quickly and I think that's the largest redeeming factor of Bad Blood, the fact that Olivia was used a bit more and became a great part of the show. Hopefully we get to know more about Olivia future episodes.

Another cool part of this episode, in the back story of what led Crusoe to leaving his home, was showing more of the treachery that surrounded him prior to setting sail and getting stranded on this island. I have a feeling there is a lot more to him leaving than what we've seen - starting to get the feeling his wife was wanting him gone and his inadvertently getting involved with the rebels was a good opening for her to do so...but that's purely speculation.


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Jun 6, 2016 4:48PM EDT

Crusoe has become one of my favorite TV shows. I mean, I love any historical-based TV show, but this really is quite good.Having said that, I found this episode a little boring. Would have liked to see more of an involvement with the Mutineers, since their lack of presence in the last episode was never explained. And if the words of my sister "They were looking for a flower- That's it"Okay, I can't base my review on the thought of a ten year old girl. But like it said- The episode was lacking a bit.Fridays illness was interesting, I wish he could have had more confrontation scenes with Crusoe.I also found the scene where Olivia strips down to nothing completely ridiculous. I mean, sure, she had to save Crusoe, but, hey. I agree with you on the flashbacks- All though they are a little confusing, they tell a great "story within the story"Anyway, it was an okay episode. Can't wait until next week!

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