Bored of Bell

So here's the thing, I honestly never thought the day would come where I'd actually be bored of Kristen Bell, I mean for a VMars enthusiast such as myself the mere idea is just blasphemous, but as I watch her on all of these shows, i.e. Gossip Girl [which i only count because of character's like Nate who have less personality then her voice over] and Heroes, I find myself terribly annoyed by her.

I don't know how it is that my opinion of her can change so drastically in merely a year, and maybe it's that her characters are quite bitchy in comparison to the sleuth and cool Veronica, but as of late every time I see her I can't help but cringe and reminisce over the times lost...

and so, i have to ask, am i the only one who's had such a terrible and unexpected fate befall them?



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Aug 27, 2008 6:14PM EDT

She did nothing for me in Heroes, but I enjoyed her performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.I barely even count Gossip Girl, but I'm ok with her voice...We'll see what she does next, but I do agree that no character she has played since can even begin to compare to Veronica Mars!

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Aug 28, 2008 11:16AM EDT

I like her a lot in Heroes, you have to keep in mind that she doesn't get to choose who she plays, she's casted as a character, and I think it's really cool to see her play someone so different, it really shows her abilities as an actress.
I don't know that I'd count her as a part of the cast of Gossip Girl, she just does the voice of GG, and no one really knows who she is.
Another movie she's been in, other than Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is Pulse, which was kind of bad...but the two main characters were pretty good, it was the supporting cast that really ruined it.

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Aug 29, 2008 3:38AM EDT

dude. it's called acting. she maybe a bitch on gossip girl and heroes, but she's not like that in real life.

Aug 29, 2008 10:47AM EDT

Yeah, I really dug her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall too. It does seem like she's freakin' everywhere these days though.

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Aug 30, 2008 6:56PM EDT

I actually agree with the original comment. She totally HAS been getting on my nerves, or should I just say Im getting bored of her. Which is sad cuz i totally admired her character as Veronica, in fact I saw myself molding to speak and think like her since I would watch the show so dang much. Ha........But yeah I think that Forgetting Sarah Marshall just totally turned me off to her. That and her "Im So Hot" photo shoots.

Aug 31, 2008 12:59AM EDT

Don't worry guys your forgetting something, alot of star burn out eventually after they become hot just look at what happened to most of the Friends cast. Ten years later most of them are floating in the either somewhere and haven't been seen since.

Sep 3, 2008 8:28AM EDT

Veronica WIll be back, im sure shes just getting the bitch of her out, you know, and then she'll go OMG instead of buying a big hosue im gonna make Veronica Mars Season 4 ahahhahahahahahahah yay :) :(.
Miss you V

Sep 4, 2008 10:42PM EDT

i have no idea wat ur talking about she is fucking hot

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Sep 5, 2008 10:49PM EDT

I Agree she is fucking hot! And what's the deal with people getting annoyed with her, she is becoming a successful actress who has chosen not to be type cast as Veronica Mars

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Sep 6, 2008 2:12PM EDT

It stinks that there isn't a show as awesome as Veronica Mars right now, but I still like Kristen. I personally think the character of Gossip Girl is perfect. There's that "ooh, scandalous" tone and the xoxo bit is kind of a reminder that this show isn't reality. Maybe there are 6th graders out there that still type in chatspeak, who knows. ;) And heroes.. needs to get better for season 3. One rocked, two was blah.

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Sep 14, 2008 1:19AM EDT

I'm kinda caught in the middle of this debate. #1, she's incredibly sexy... so that part alone makes her role in heroes half bareable. However I think the way her character is portrayed (meaning a 20 something girl with the attitude of a young annoying adolescent) is actually intentional. If you were to listen to the backstory and apply a little psychology you'd come to realize that the character is actually quite emotionally and socially stunted as a result of being held in that facility for essentially her entire life. She lacks the ability to interact on a normal level and hasn't developed to the maturity level that would be common in a girl her age. Personally I after learning the bit of back story on her character instead of being irritated by it, I became rather impressed in her ability to behave in such a manner that would be appropriate for a person of her characters experience. That being said the character itself can be quite annoying, but for me it has no bearing on my opinion of Kristen herself. To me, she's still an incredibly beautiful and talent actress.

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Sep 22, 2008 10:05PM EDT

I know it goes against the concept of Gossip Girl and therefore can't be done, but a part of me is longing for her to enter GG in person. I love her voice in GG, and recognized her from her first line. Kristen Bell is the shit. Love her. Still, something like GG herself being "revealed" would probably only happen in like the last episode of the last season of GG (which I can't even stand to think about by the way). Not her whole identity though, but I imagine us seeing a glimpse of her hair or her eyes or something hot like that.

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Oct 3, 2008 4:22PM EDT

I WANT A NEW SERIES!!!! and i want to know what happens with the cherif thing and with the logan veronica and piz thing!!!!!!!!! ive looked online and sooo many people want more i thik they sould do a second year at college series and if works out a FBI one!

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Oct 9, 2008 1:05PM EDT

I think Kristen Bell is pure GENIUS in heroes. Keep in mind that she's playing a psychopath with paranoid delusions. In this role she makes Elle seem like she's still human not just a monster. She adds a life to her and an innocence that I think would not come across with any other actor. She may be a bitch but that's what she seems like with just a slight flair of psycho, making the character more real! Also don't hate her because she is doing well, that's like saying you don't like David Boreanaz because he's in Bones now instead of Angel. It's insane!

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Nov 28, 2008 9:47PM EST

First of all, I really liked her in all the series and movies she made!! And second, I think you are forgetting something: just remember, truly really remember, Veronica Mars, and you will discover, that she is kind of a bitch there too. And I love that about her. It's not as obvious as with Elle in Heroes, but its definitely there. And I too think that it is moronic to complain about Kristen Bell having roles other than Veronica, I can not see enough of her!!!

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Nov 29, 2008 1:57AM EST

I actually agree, I could never quite put my finger on it but yes she does annoy me now in a sense where I used to simply love her...It's odd.

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Feb 6, 2009 4:59AM EST

Kristen Bell is easily number 1 on my sexiest woman in world list.

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Sep 28, 2009 9:34PM EDT

Basically you don't like the characters she's played since veronica mars cause you loved her in it so much, but I'm sorry to break it to you, she couldn't play the same character forever. I actually liked her character in heroes, but the writers destroyed it, it wasn't her fault. You seriously just need to see that she is a diverse actor who can play whatever role she's given, when she is next given the heroine role again you'll suddenly like her again I'm sure.

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Oct 19, 2009 3:14AM EDT

You have a right to get bored with her, but for people who never watched V Mars, maybe they can see the newness of her still. In the entertainment business, unfortunately everyone has an expiration date. She may seem like she's "everywhere" but that's actually really good for her right now. She needs that exposure--and with more little roles like the GG one, and stuff, she'll be noticed much more and *then* get to play roles that are much meatier--like V Mars--and interesting. Keep in mind too, that she is an attractive blonde woman in the prime of her life who looks younger than she is--that means she will be type cast for a lonnnnnnng time. She's the smart sassy blonde, or she's the bitchy woman everyone wants but can't seem to have, or she's the bimbo. Or all three. But you won't see her break that mold, and that's not necessarily her fault. In fact, it isn't. As actors (I am one) we have to market ourselves a certain way in order to get work. She lucked out (as did we all) that her first real gig was V Mars--it sent the standard very high, but not every project, script, or character will be on that level. Be bored--I'm not going to tell you you're wrong or be appalled at such a normal opinion--just know that in the future, she might surprise you, and whatever interesting future roles she earns will be because of these "boring" ones. Or maybe not, maybe she's just a boring actor. But I don't think so. She did stage before this, and extensively trained at Tisch. No, not all actors that go to great schools are necessarily great actors, but I just get a vibe from Bell. I think she's going to do some excellent work, so even though I may be uninterested in Heroes and certainly have no interest in watching GG, I'm not going to give up on her just yet.
Peace,An actor

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Mar 8, 2010 3:50PM EST

Here you find all the Veronica MARS Stuff at one place - episodes fan space.

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Mar 8, 2010 3:51PM EST

Here you find all the Veronica MARS Stuff at one place - episodes fan space.

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