Episode Recap: "The Summer House"

Will they or won't they? That's the question on everyone's mind going into this episode of Dirty Sexy Money. Tripp makes it clear, "This wedding cannot take place." But a wedding does take place, just not the one we expected.

Simon, evil-doer that he is, sells Karen out for ownership of Darling Enterprises. She's sweet, but she's not worth all that. However, Tripp sees it differently. He is more than willing to sell the company to get his darling girl out of the clutches of Mr. Elder. Of course, Tripp has a plan. He didn't get to be the head of a $35 billion company by sleeping in is shoes, for goodness sake. He calls the shareholders and gently reminds him that Darling isn't worth a hill of beans without the Darling of them all at the helm.

Both Tripp and Nick want Wrenn, (why, exactly?) and Letitia and Lisa want her gone, (I agree). Tripp asks Nick to set up a secret rendezvous between himself, Wrenn and Nick and then asks Nick to kindly not show up. However, Nick has other plans. He wants Wrenn all to himself, as proven by the kiss in the last ep. I said it then, and I'll say it again, geez, Louise, the bed's not even cold. Seriously, I'm surprised the self-righteous Nick George bothered to wait so long.

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