a season finale of hits or misses?

Personally, upon finishing watching the final just now, was I wasn't able to last night since I had guests- an invite that I was dearly regretting when I saw the watch turn to eight, I felt a bitter sense of unfulfillment. While I do adore Zack, he was actually one of my favorite characters, I have to applaud the show on having the moxy to actually make him Gormaggon's apprentice. The one problem that I have with it, however, was the fact that I really felt the effects of the shortened season from the writer's strike on that episode. There was a definite "je ne sais quoi" to it that was missing from the short and almost too sped up episode. There was so much to it that was worthy of more than that brief glance that only an hour episode can allot you.

So here I am, posting and asking if anyone else felt sort of ripped off by the episode.



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May 20, 2008 3:22PM EDT

I thought the episode was good, it has suspense, surprise and kept you thinking the whole time about who Gormagon could be. I have to agree though, I feel ripped off, they cut it so short, they went straight from the Booth being shot drama to the Gormagon story line. They should have made it a two parter and extended the season with a few more episode to bulk it out and make it less rushed. Did you know that there may be ANOTHER writers strike on the 20th June! How rediculous is that? Theres only so much of this audiences will take before they find a hobby and sell their tv sets.

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May 20, 2008 6:05PM EDT

I felt a bit ripped off.I thought they could have dragged the booth getting shot story out, and shown some more insight into his and bones' personality. Ideally, at least another episode where booth is recovering would have been made. But hey, this episode was not without charm. Personally, I loved the booth/brennan scenes (bath and pie were my favourite).:)

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Jul 13, 2008 10:40AM EDT

Bath and pie was hilarious!

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Aug 20, 2008 6:45PM EDT

oh god, the bath... i forgot about that!

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