when will they catch red john

Although the latest episode was good, it was sort of a tease too to keep people watching. in each series are they going to do two or three episodes that focus on red john, one in the middle and one for the finale? I know that the whole show is about catching red john and once they catch him, if Jane keeps to his word he will be off to prison, and thus the show will be over but they do need to bring it to a head at the end of this series with a cliff-hanger at the end. Anyone else agree?

Also, I’ve read many people think that Jane is red john, how can this be when in the finale of last season Patrick and red john were in the same area? Could it be one of the other members of the time? I know it’s probably not, but when I first started watching I wondered if it was van pelt, simply because she has red hair, but she seems to genuine to be red john now. Anyone else got theories?


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