We all knew he was nuts....

It has finally happened! Gregory House is officially a nutcase. Not that we did not know that already.

The episode starts off with a man who cannot control the left side of his body, due to a severance between his left and right brains. However, as usual, the case takes a backseat to the personal story of, in this particular episode, House himself. We all remember the stunning ending to last week's episode, where House and Cuddy finally got it on... but when House awakes in the morning, she is no longer there. He finds her lipstick in his bathroom, and, smiling, takes it with him wherever he goes throughout the day.

As the episode wears on, House tries to provoke Cuddy into admitting her feelings for him and attempts to diagnose a friendly squawking old man, while Chase and Cameron work out their relationship issues, and while Thirteen, Taub, and Foreman try to figure out the cause of their patient's alien hand syndrome.

When House finally crosses the line, and announces to the entire hospital that he slept with Cuddy, he discovers the truth: his entire detox, and subsequent night with Cuddy, were just another illusion. The lipstick that Cuddy left on his bathroom counter was actually a bottle of vicodin that he had been popping happily even more than usual. He is haunted by images of Amber and Kutner, and finally admits to Cuddy that he needs help.

We are left with two images at the end of the episode- one of the ecstatic Cameron and Chase as they fly off to their honeymoon, and the other of House as he stumbles into the psychiatric hospital. Talk about juxtaposition!

I do not know about you guys, but I cannot wait to see what happens with House next! He has finally reached the level of insanity we all knew had to happen with the fake rational pill popping maniac. Let us hope that the insanity continues!


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