Who are They that are hunting Tobbi?

Who are they that are hunting Toby? This is a good hook and hopefully they will reveal it next season if there is one, but still i am wondering if anyone has any clue or idea. Personally i hope its the government, it would make such a good story line" the gov. are hunting kids with gift for their collection of freaks" or something like that. I would love to hear anyone else opinion on this. Thanks


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Jun 1, 2009 11:56PM EDT

I don't think it's the government, or they wouldn't be after Toby's mom too. IMO You know how Dr. Ray has his little group of gifteds, maybe it's an organization like that, only sinister. Anyway, I agree on the second season, Im totally hoping for it. Even though I've watched the whole season, I will be watching it on NBC hoping to add to them keeping it on the air.

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