The Dead dont move me

The World is a Wonderland, but if youre some really, and i mean really really really unlucky one, just as unlucky as in "oh sry Dude you're Girlfriend is now in love with me and in our nerdrage about our new feelings we killed your cat with a drumstick", youve gain immortality.

At this Point in your life, or your "new dark nightlife", the World seems to change, it gets dark, you get lonely and before youve even noticed it you end up in some crappy US Town and the only thing that keeps your undead sorry ass alive is to hunt down some little teenage girlies.

Ive mentioned dark nightlife before but if youre really really... not again... then you eventually find some magical piece of whatever that will allow your Kind, the ones with the deep feelings, sharp fangs, and low self esteem, to walk the earth in broad daylight. It could be the fingernail of some evil witch, a ring, or this sparkling new iphone that your new girliefriend will give you if you let her touch your immortal but srsly sexy face.

You may ask "what is it that this writer has to tell us in his poor understanding of our precious language?", and if you do ask i will answer for i am a wise one and will share my wisdom with you.

This televisional piece of story about supernatural whatevers is just boring. Theres no colorfoul way to explain how boring it is, so its "just" but that it is in the very deepest meaning of the word.

As mentioned before the world is very great place to live in, many things to do, many things to see, the only thing that limit the things you can probably do in your life is your natural life span because its natural to die. So if youre that lucky that you dont have to die, why in hell would you do not explore the whole wide world.

Why is it that most of the vampirestorys have nothing more to show to us readers/watchers/poor guys who couldnt run away fast enough, then the tears of shitty undead poets who are willing to use their immortality to cry about their past lifes.

I am in no way, interested in their past lifes for it is the same as always, dead loved ones that will be loved for eternity, a archenemy who will hunt them down but istn such a bad guy, he just doesnt know a other way to express his emotions then to go on a rampage and kill everyone related and eventually loved by the main char.

The worst about tis show is not the fact that it is Twilight in Episodes, luckily without sparkling skins, for me the worst thing is that it will attract viewers, somebody out there will see this show and they will love it.

And if I just got depressed about what immortal beings do with their everlasting lifetime, could you imagine how depressed I get when I think of People who use their very limited lifetime to watch them do it?




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Oct 2, 2009 1:45AM EDT

I doubt you care but just so you know L. J. Smiths "The Vampire Diaries" series was written a good 12 years before twilight and as such is not a copy cat. If you find similarities.. well its probably because stephanie meyer copied off of HER.(though the tv series thus far has differed from the book series numerously)
P.S: It pissed me off that in episode 4 damon was reading twilight
P.P.S: I thought twilight sucked

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Oct 2, 2009 12:17PM EDT

I shouldnt have compared it to Twilight, as boring as the show seems to me, it might be a big insult to all the Fans of the Bookseries this show is based on ; ).
As hard as my review may have sounded I sure will give this show another try, maybe Im just to interested in Vampire Storys or maybe at sometime I will be so bored that it doesnt matter, maybe Im lucky and it gets better.
Are the Books so much better than the series that theyre worth a look?

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