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I hope CBS is not fallowing ABC model for internet TV! The last thing I need to do is get up walk over to the keyboard and have to click continue on my show? Why CBS has made this change is beyond me? I find it a pain in the ass to do this! It is clear to me that this is the TV of the near future.

I don't get TV where I am. But I do have high speed web connection! So I have hooked up my pc to my 60" HD TV. So for all of us out hear using this new way to watch TV, please lose the click to continue and go back to the way you where doing it. I have said the same thing to ABC, but don't seem to get it. Yes it's the web and yes having the extra is nice, but I'm watching a tv show and I should be able watch the all of it with out having to get up every 5 min's to keep watching it.. After all I can always go back and check that out later.


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Jun 2, 2016 8:07PM EDT

I am not sure of what system you use to watch CSI: MIAMI but I watch full episodes within two hours of original airings at Adobe Media Player without any interuptions whenever I can't catch them on TV. The player is a free download and the quailty is HD. I am a very big fan of the show and would become irate if I had to go through what you are. I am happy to share any viewing tips with fellow CSIers that are in need. Hope this helps your viewing experience!

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