Why this is the best show on HBO

I have loved HBO for quite a while now, in large part because of Entourage. Just the idea of being able to peer into a fictional Hollywood is a bit exciting but, what I think really caught me is the fact that the characters have been written so well. Jeremy Piven is a god send because no one on tv can play an out of control super agent the way he can if another show like this comes along you better get de Niro to play the agent role, because he's got it down to a science. Also, the friendship that they all share is something truly amazing. How many actors in Hollywood (real or fictional) can say that they've had life long friends? Plus, the supporting cast through out the seasons has been amazing, I'm pretty partial to Debi Mazar. Theres top notch acting and true sense of understanding in all the characters that's what make this the best show on HBO and at least in this house #1. Viiccctorrrry!!!!!!!!


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RachelL Editor
Sep 18, 2008 8:57PM EDT

I completely agree that Entourage is currently the best show on HBO...but currently...it doesn't exactly have a lot of competition!

Default avatar cat
Sep 19, 2008 9:56AM EDT

HBO's slogan should be "We Rule At Bad Endings". I'm still in shock that this show is lasting so long (though I love it). Some of my favorite shows ever were on HBO (Deadwood, Carnivàle, Rome) and more often than not, their shows get canceled and they just drop and run without a proper ending. Let's hope the boys of Entourage can keep America coming back for more! I *heart* the hell out of some Jeremy Piven.

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