"The Dark Knight" Scribe Credited for "Terminator Salvation"

Everyone who has seen "The Dark Knight" in the past ten days (and there are a ton of you) saw the preview for McG's upcoming take on the "Terminator" series, "Terminator Salvation." The film stars "Knight" star Christian Bale as John Connor, but will it be any good?

At a press conference for the film at Comic Con on Saturday, McG was asked about the writing for the film. McG had previously mentioned that "The Dark Knight" writer Jonathan Nolan (brother to director Christopher) had worked on the script, even though he is uncredited on "Terminator Salvation'"s IMDb page. However, McG reported that Nolan was "the lead writer of the film," and even said, "I don't know how the WGA rules work but honest to goodness, we did the heaviest lifting with Jonathan."

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