Gotham's Dark Knight Accused of Assaulting His Mum

Did Christian Bale just kiss his possible Oscar nomination goodbye? Will "The Dark Knight" suffer at the box office because of its star's domestic issues? These are the questions that sprang to the minds of the actor's and movie's fans as news of an assault case broke earlier this week.

First of all, as great as Bale is as Batman, he's given far better (and more emotionally demanding) performances. If he is recognized by the Academy this coming awards season, it should be for career achievements, not for playing the caped superhero. The Academy should instead focus on the late Heath Ledger, but posthumous Oscars are another story. Second, it doesn't look like anything is going to stop "The Dark Knight" from becoming one of the biggest summer movies in all of moviedom. By last night, the film had grossed $203.7 million domestically, and predictions are that it will become the first film to cross the $300 million mark in its first ten days.

Ok, so what exactly are the charges against our brooding vigilante? On Wednesday, news broke that Bale had been arrested in London after his mother Jenny Bale (61) and his sister Sharon (41) reported him to the police. Bale voluntarily went to the police and gave a statement; the officers described Bale's version of the events as an allegation of a "minor" common assault. According to the actor's lawyers, Bale denies the allegation and "left the station without any charge being made against him by police."

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