"Get Smart" A Smart Spoof for the Summertime

A product of the director of "Nutty Professor II" and the writers of "Failure to Launch," it's surprising that "Get Smart," the feature adaptation of Mel Brooks' zany 1960s comedy series, actually works. The fact that it does, however, is more a result of clever casting than anything else.

Popular funnyman Steve Carrell brings his talents to the role of Maxwell Smart, a self-confident agent for CONTROL. Smart is currently tasked with parsing through international chatter, and though he produces lengthy and ultra-detailed reports, he sometimes misses the point. For example, he announces at a meeting that the Russians are eating muffins, a carb-heavy food, and therefore must be stressed, but misses the connection between the baked goods and the nuclear factory housed in the bakery. Smart seems destined to stay behind a desk until a rival agency KAOS ransacks the CONTROL office and all of the agents' identities are compromised. Smart is partnered with the savvy and beautiful Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), whose identity is unknown due to some recent plastic surgery, and sent into the field to uncover the truth behind the weapons trading and nuclear bomb production.

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