Sad but so TRUE....

This has to be the saddest one tree hill out of all the seasons. But the really sad part is this happens daily to someone, somewhere. It doesn't even have to be that a friend or loved one who was shot like Q was. It could be something like what Brooke had gone through. The point is this happens daily and for those who don't want to open their eyes and see this please turn on the news and watch it, and for those like me that do see it I hope you fell the way I do and wish you could help those that go through it. I'm just not saying that either. If I could I would help everyone that I could. Unfortunately two hands,and feet and one big heart isn't going to make that much of a difference but it is a start.


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Sep 17, 2008 9:05AM EDT

I mostly agree with your comment except the fact that this is the saddest episode of the show. I think that the episode in which Keith dies is the saddest one in th whole show....But you are right about this happening daily around the world..... Sadly for those know this situation......

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