I think heroes is back :D

just watched close to you and i must say it was pretty awesome. stuff is actually happening. peter is finally getting some kind of purpose. and the focus is finally off sylar. and the ending was great :D



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Jan 21, 2010 8:10PM EST

Close to you was great, but Pass/Fail seemed to have a lot of filler again. They need a more complex plot with a lot more moving pieces that all affect one another for Season 5. Yes, I do think Season 5 will happen for the one reason that NBC has almost nothing else to offer as far as non-comedy scripted television goes and they don't want to become "comedy central 2" or something like that.

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Jan 22, 2010 8:20AM EST

pass/fail was like the worst episode in the whole series i've seen, and probably would be high on the list of worst episodes of all times in all shows. Byt that's just my opinion. I really do hope Heroes will end this season.

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Jan 26, 2010 7:50AM EST

Well I am in the UK so we are a tad behind to say the least...However I am really enjoying what I have been watching...I am hoping that Peter gets back on track though, I really think he needs to. For me the only thing lacking this season (early stages here) is many of the characters dont use their abilities - or dont want to. you have Matt not using his, Claire in her usual state, Hiro dropping dead almost everytime he uses his and Peter who still has not got his true power back (which he really does need to).
If there is a Season 5 (I hope there will be) then we need to get the main characters that we all fell in love with back operating at full tilt...We all love watching scenese with Peter using multiple abilities at once, or Hiro freezing time etc (its after all what the show was built on).
So why can peter only use one ability at a time?? Does anyone know?? Have as say on here also (UK blog)

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