Season 4?

Just wondering if anyone else was curious about the new casting for Season 4, since obviously they now have to replace Zack...anyone heard anything? Also, does anyone know exactly WHY Zack was written off the show? I mean, I know he's going to make some appearances, but is there a reason they got rid of the character full-time? Is Eric Millegan doing a movie or--even better--theatre?! God, I love him!



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Jul 1, 2008 11:49AM EDT

I think it was just purely to make an interesting plotline. If they kept him and had some stranger be locked up as Gormagon then it wouldn't be nearly as interesting, would it? It's got everybody talking (or at least 'Bones' fans). They will have him show up every now and then (visits in institution for Hannibal-esque advice). So he isn't gone forever.

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Jul 1, 2008 6:00PM EDT

I just posted some news on this. We haven't seen the last of Zack:)

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