Episode Recap: "Go Your Own Way"

With a title like that, I was waiting to hear a Fleetwood Mac song, instead I felt like I was watching a tennis match. Miguel serves to Dexter. Dexter slices one over the net. Back and forth they go throughout the entire episode until Dexter suggests that they both "go their own way." While they're busy with their game, everything else is falling apart for everyone else. Except for Vince. Vince is doing pretty good.

Breaking up is hard to do: Dexter taught Miguel to kill, "he taught me to golf." Dexter has three options how to handle Miguel, each with its own pros and cons. It becomes apparent quickly which of three he will have to choose (kill!), and Miguel makes it easy for him. That Prado temper is famous. It got one brother killed and the other thrown off the force. That whole family is self-destructive.

Miguel makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to ruin Dexter, even using Rita to get under his skin and threatening an ethics probe to bring Debra down for her indiscretions with Anton.

I just have one question, how in heck was Anton leaning against the couch with half of the skin of his back cut off? I don't care how many bandages he had on there, you'd think he would want to lie on his stomach. I get a paper cut on my finger and I want a sling.

Vince is planning Dexter's bachelor party and it sounds like it's going to be some donkey and pony show. "If my show does not make people vomit and have an erection at the same time, then I've let my audience down." Rare form. Plus, once again he wins best line of the night award for this precious gem, "A hooker is a terrible thing to waste."

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