Thanksgiving:Friday night light delivers like no other

To say that i have been a fan of FNL for the past four seasons is an understatement. i have always looked forward to every episode and this season;s finale is the best darn thing on tv. i wish more people could appreciate FNL. Tonight's episode kicks off with a cat's clash trophy as the West Dillon Panthers Vie for a playoff pay off againt the East Dillon Lions.And even as Wade and Eric shake hands, you can feel the tension mounting. scene cuts to the Riggins talking to their lawyer who says they can serve from 1-5 years if they plead guilty. you can feel that Tim is really thinking things through, even as Becky comes over to tell tim to his face that he is nothing but a coward. ouch number 33, that really hit you in the gut. Kudos to Taylor Kitsch, he really got me with his performance in this episode, but more on that later.

Over at the Taylors, Tammi is practicing her apology in front of a mirror and tells Eric that hard enough as it is, it's even harder having to say the words in front of him. Julie meanwhile goes over to the Saracen's house to ask if grandma Saracen needs a ride for thanksgiving dinner but surprise surprise Matt is there! at the grocery, Matt tells Julie he isses her and that he's sorry for laving without saying goodbye, Matt also visits Landry who promptly slams the door to his face which leaves Matt to mutter.. "just like a girl."

Speaking of Landry, he just got word from Jess that she has feelings for Vince, which leads Landry to thanking Vince for all he said to Landry last episode about Jess deserving a good guy only to be blown off. can't this guy catch a break?

Tammi meanwhile does not deliver her apology as scripted by the board and leaves saying she only has the kid's welfare at heart.. never mind losing her job as principal. Matt tells Julie about chicago and a ticket he bought for Julie.

Thanksgiving at the Taylor's, Billy gives a speech about family and Tim really looks like he's about to mak a decision that will impact the rest of his life. later he goes to Becky's house and asks her to keep his snowglbe for him till he comes back and asking her to promise him to let him earn her trust again

It's game time and it's Lions Versus Panthers! earlier, Luke had an ouburst about Eric's indifference twards him and threathens to transfer, Eric tells Luke he will suit up but won't play. During the panther's first possesion, JD MCCoy throws a 50 yard touchdown pass to start off, then Vinc goes all the way for a touchdown for the lions. Landry comes in for the kicking team but fails to deliver as his kick goes way left of the goal posts. JD continous his stellar performance as Vince continues to stay very close with another touvhdown pass to Tinker. At halftime, vince comes to his own as the Lion's leader. After the break, Eric calls Luke's number and sends him to the game for a quick 8 points as the lions play with pride.with 14 sseconds left, Luke gets hit hard at the 46 yard line and Eric sends in Landry who doubts his abilities, to which Eric replies that he spent three years making him into a football player and all he has to do is kick the ball and make him proud. Landry kicks and I'm holding my breath as the ball goes through the posts and the lions win, denying west Dillon a shot at the playoffs.

At the halfway mark, Tim tells Billy that he wants to own up to everything about the chop shop because Billy is a dad and that he should be a dad, and that he is his brother. Kitsch is really good in ths episode. i have been a fan of his Tim Riggins devil be damned drunken persona since season 1 and his anti hero character has been amazing over FNL's run. he will be missed come season 5 if reports are to be believed that he is not slated to be in the cast for next season. Julie meanwhile declines Matt's offer to go to Chicago with him and he gves the extra ticket to Landry who it seems is in search of his own identity

The last scene between the riggins brothers was well done as Tim throws his keys over to his brother for the time being while he serves time. Let me just say again that Tim is my favorite TV character and though there is no dialogue, he really brings it home. Tammi meanwhile requests for a job at East Dillon as Matt and Landry head off to chicago.

Solid episode, everything you would expect from a great great show. Here's hoping FNL stays on the air longer than tv executives want to, because at the end of it all, it is darn good! too bad not a lot of people get to appreciate it. For what it's worth, i will always be an FNL fan.


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