For those who read the naruto manga it would seem that the episodes are taking a long time to just basically get to the point!!. Firstly i've noticed that as soon as the series get interesting, they stick a couple of fillers just to cheese us off and by the time we are sick of those fillers and ready to give up on the whole show together, thats when they bring a really good episode in.

Basically what I'm saying is Naruto needs to be very consistent with the good episodes and have less fillers, personally i dont mind the odd filler but sometimes the fillers drag on a bit and it makes the show look pointless because (well for me anyway) the only reason i watch the show is to see if naruto will become hokage one day. The last episode was good hopefully will have a few more episodes like that.


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Oct 31, 2008 8:28PM EDT

I Completely Agree... For Those who Dont Read The Manga Pages I dont want To Spoil The Story To Come But I Will Say that they Should Specify On The To Come Developments Of Naruto's Power Which Is In the Manga Pages...(I.E. Master Of Sage hint-hint)
I Just Cant Wait To See Him Become The Hokage... As Yes We All Know It... A Genin!

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